January 2016

JWT's Future 100 trends for 2016

The Future 100 takes a snapshot of emerging trends for 2016, spanning culture, tech and innovation, travel and hospitality, brands and marketing and much more.


Coke replaces 'Open Happiness' with 'Taste the Feeling' in major strategic shift

A new global campaign called "Taste the Feeling" will put the product at the centre of every ad as Coke seeks to win over more drinkers in the struggling soda category.

Ad Age

WhatsApp is now completely free

WhatsApp is dropping its $1 (R16.70) annual subscription fee. The charge prevented many people from using WhatsApp.


Where to for

Noise about the future of won’t die down, especially since the departure of CEO Marcel Golding and COO Bronwyn Keene-Young in 2014.

The Media Online

AOL ponders rebrand

Online giant AOL could be ready to take a leaf out of Google's book, with a top executive indicating that an overhaul of the brand and its corporate structure may take place.