January 2018

Data Point - Global, Advertising expenditure by medium, media owner and format, 2017

TV is the largest media channel by spend, attracting an estimated US$199.5bn in 2017. Display formats account for three quarters of global advertising expenditure.


Coca-Cola's secret to quality brand tracking data

Coca-Cola has adopted a creative approach to ensure the consistency and accuracy of its brand tracking data across more than 90 markets.


Mike’s Kitchen plans big return in South Africa

At the beginning of January 2018, US-based private equity firm NRD Capital announced that it had acquired the 45-year-old iconic SA family restaurant chain, Mike’s Kitchen.


South Africa’s richest take home half of all income: report

New data from Credit Suisse means 42 people now own the same wealth as the bottom 3.7 billion people.


Tourism income from camping sites almost doubles - Stats SA

The tourism sector's income from caravan parks and camping sites almost doubled in November.