November 2014

Danie van Aswegen named COO of Primedia Unlimited’s Mall Division

Primedia Unlimited’s Mall Division, has announced the appointment of Danie van Aswegen as its chief operations officer.

Marketing Update

FCB Africa, FCB Cape Town win new business in Africa

The contract is to develop a new marketing and brand strategy for Advans in Africa, localising the marketing and media strategies and the creative.

Marketing Update

Are exchanges only available for banner ads?

Pretty much any available media inventory (ironically except for paid search) is available this way.

iMedia Connection

What value does an advertiser or media buyer get by using RTB?

RTB enables a media buyer to specify exactly what their goals are and look only for ad inventory that matches against those goals.

iMedia Connection

What is real-time bidding?

When an ad impression takes place, a call is made to the exchange which submits the impression to all bidders.

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