November 2018

Smartphone sales in South Africa surge

South Africa’s technical consumer goods market enjoyed a boost from strong sales of telecom devices in the third quarter of 2018.


Telkom mobile data bundles now last much longer

Telkom has announced that its mobile customers across all plans can now transfer data to other users.


Wired into faces

Advanced new facial recognition technology is giving ordinary surveillance systems the ability to learn, analyse what cameras see, conduct market research and even proactively mitigate risk.


LinkedIn updates Sales Navigator, mobile app

LinkedIn has added custom lists and raised the visibility of its alert notifications as part of the latest update to its Sales Navigator platform.


Apple will sell L'Oreal's My Skin Track UV to measure sun exposure

My Skin Track UV, a wearable, battery-free device that clips on clothing to measures exposure to UV rays, while a companion app monitors humidity, pollution and pollen.