February 2019

South Africa’s ‘real’ unemployment rates – graduates vs matric vs no qualification

SA ended last year with an unemployment rate of 27.1%. Of the 6.1 million unemployed persons in Q4 2018, about 57.1% had an education level below matric.


Snapchat ad income rises but user growth stagnates

Snapchat’s advertising revenue has reached a new high despite stagnation in daily active users, according to the latest company reports.


Zando's coming of age

Zando launched in 2012 as an online shoe retailer. The business has transformed into an ever-expanding fashion marketplace.


Eye-tracking study shows about 60% of TV commercial breaks go unwatched

A new eye-tracking study shows that about 60% of commercial breaks can go unwatched by viewers.


2019 Affluent Outlook: What a difference a year makes

Overall, economic storm clouds appeared in late Q4 '18 and clearly provided a darker context for the data.