February 2020

Dentsu posts US$737m loss for 2019

Dentsu Group will report a full-year loss of US$737 million for 2019, as organic revenue dipped into negative territory globally and plummeted 12.3% in APAC.


Consumer trust falls across 15 different industries

Financial services is the least trusted industry. Among seven industries since 2012, only technology saw its level of trust decline.


How Adidas is using WhatsApp as a revenue generator

Adidas began using WhatsApp as a tool to communicate with customers and "build hyper-local communities," and now the global manufacturer is turning it into a sales channel.


How Survé 'robs Peter to pay Paul': Money scored from PIC 'used to keep Independent afloat'

Iqbal Survé's embattled businesses have quietly redirected money scored from the PIC to apparently pay Independent newspapers' staff.


Report: 2020 is poised to be breakout year for social media

Hootsuite's digital state of the union report predicts that 2020 is poised to be the first year that the majority of people on Earth will be on social media.