March 2016

Nielsen finds little demand for ads in video-on-demand, apathy growing

Some 66% of global respondents say most ads in VOD content are for products they don’t want, according to Nielsen.


Tencent's profits jump 22%, boosted by soaring ad sales

Asia's biggest internet company increased spending on the content to draw users to its new smartphone games and drive ads on social networks.

Ad Age

Fanta targets teens with sherbet fizz

Coca-Cola South Pacific has launched a new Fanta range as it aims to drive brand growth and category interest.

Pacific Breeze

Case study proves effectiveness of in-mall media

In-mall media contributed 38% to total awareness amongst the LSM 8-10 group, contributing more than TV and print.

Pacific Breeze

Total Kenya forced to pull down offending advertisement

Total Kenya was bashed on social media for cutting down trees to make way for an environmental friendly advertisement.

Pacific Breeze