March 2017

Microsoft, iProspect coin 'relevance score’

The Relevance Score for searches through personal assistants will become the next evolution of a quality-like score used by Google.


YouTube TV offers uncharted waters for influencers, advertisers

YouTube TV could introduce the platform's popular content creators to more traditional television audiences and help the platform give advertisers fertile new ground to explore.


Honeymoon will soon be over for Netflix in SA

Netflix has not given its content to the Film and Publication Board for classification, nor has it paid a R795 000 “licensing fee” for online distribution.


Smaato reveals self-service mobile ad inventory tool

Advertisers can use the self-service platform to automatically find the right mobile inventory to purchase based on parameters including geography, device type and ad format.

Marketing Land

The emerging demographics marketers need to know

Over the past decade over 1 million people who would previously have bought houses, have been forced to rent instead, according to a 5-year study of UK consumer financial habits.

Marketing Week