March 2018

City of Joburg orders pole advertiser to remove its advertisements

The City of Johannesburg wants a street pole advertiser to remove its advertising and repair any damage to city property caused by its advertising boards within 90 days.


Most-rated brand, pitch consultant & trade org

We asked ad execs to nominate the brand they would most want to work on; which pitch consultant they would recommend; and the industry body they rate the most highly.


Less than a third of people pay their TV licence

The South African public broadcaster is owed a whopping R25.5 billion by people who have SABC TV licences but who refuse to pay their annual fees.


Homechoice to step up its digital sales platform

Digital is now the second-largest and fastest-growing sales channel for Homechoice, representing 15.4% of total sales, up from 12%.


Compliance is key: General Data Protection Regulation

What must SA organisations do to ensure compliance with EU’s GDPR?