July 2014

Gmail now supports SA languages

Google has announced 13 new languages for Gmail, with two South African languages among them.


SABC wants higher TV licence fees

The SABC will ask the Communications Minister to increase TV licence fees annually.


Smartphone sales more than double in a year

Smartphone visits to select retailers' mobile-optimised websites are up 69.4% and revenue from sales has more than doubled in the past year, according to the latest Branding Brand Mobile Commerce Index, which measures progress on the company's client sites.


South Africa’s website kings

The latest Effective Measure statistics reveal the top websites in South Africa, including the stats for major retailers like Makro, Incredible Connection, and HiFi Corp.


Second How Africa Tweets study released

Portland's second How Africa Tweets study analysed geo-located tweets originating from Africa during the final three months of 2013.