July 2016

NBC using BuzzFeed for Olympics Snapchat

NBC plans to stream more than 6 700 hours of live competitions from Rio.


Newspapers triple RROI

Advertising with newspapers increases overall revenue return on investment by 3 times. It also makes other media more effective – TV 2 times more and online display 4 times more.


Havas' organic growth slows to 2.7%

This is for the second quarter of 2016, down from 3.4% in the first quarter of the year.

Ad Age

Unilever uses Dollar Shave Club subscription model other brands

The brand is innovative and disruptive with a cult-like following of some 3.2 million members who are now buying into products beyond razors – also body wash and skin cream.

The Drum

Junk Mail sees 30% increase in mobile traffic

Digital classifieds portal Junk Mail has experienced this growth since the launch of its responsive site 6 months ago – compared to the same period last year.

Media Update