July 2018

Facebook is winning the stories game

First introduced on Instagram in August 2016, the Stories format was heavily “inspired” by one of Snapchat’s most popular features and gradually found its way to all of Facebook’s apps.


Mobile subscribers in South Africa – Vodacom vs MTN vs Cell C vs Telkom

Vodacom has released a trading update for the quarter ended 30 June 2018 showed it has 43.1 million mobile users in SA.


Helping marketers figure out Fortnite’s freemium phenomenon

Most of the English Football Team only stopped playing long enough to kick a ball or two round a field. It's already spawned a range of dance crazes and parental concerns.

The Drum

Research: Advertising on trusted media platforms increases brand preference

New Dutch media research shows trusted platforms generate a better profit for advertisers.


WTF is a GDPR consent string?

A consent string, also referred to as a “daisybit,” is a series of numbers added to an ad bid request, which identifies the consent status of an ad tech vendor.