August 2016

Snapchat wants more TV-like content for Discover

For Snapchat, it's a chance to build Discover as a destination platform for high-quality video.


Facebook's Nunu Ntshingila-Njeke inducted into the Loeries Hall of Fame

The head of Facebook Africa has become the first woman inducted into the Loeries Hall of Fame.


CNN is going after Africa's young, mobile audience

With 70% of all African content being consumed via mobile devices, social media is a core part of its growth strategy.


First soda tax in US so far succeeding in lowering intake

Minority and low-income residents of Berkeley are drinking 21% less soda, an American Journal of Public Health study finds.

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Header bidding wrappers are the next ad-tech craze

Header bidding wrappers are similar to older, less-sophisticated header bidding tags.

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