September 2015

Facebook and Instagram – SA user numbers

13 million SA’s are now on Facebook – with 10 million, or 77%, using it on mobile devices. Smartphones are used by 7.9 million to access Facebook.


The 5 funniest brands on Instagram

It's not easy to convey humour on social media, especially on a visual platform like Instagram. The following brands have taken on this challenge, with excellent results.

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Johnnie Walker makes big changes to 'Keep Walking'

Johnnie Walker is calling on a diverse cast of characters, from actor Jude Law and a race car driver to a psychologist as it overhauls its 16-year-old Keep Walking campaign.

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Dramatic slide in Mxit's user base

The number of monthly active users on mobile social network Mxit has fallen from 4.9 million in 2014 to 2.7 million in 2015.


How old is Trevor Noah?

So many people are Googling that question that Comedy Central has come up with a response: "I am 72 years old," Mr. Noah says in a YouTube clip.

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