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AR ads coming to Facebook mobile News Feed

Facebook is introducing three new interactive ad units to its mobile News Feed -- video polls and playable ads, followed by a beta test of augmented reality ads.


What does 5G mean for video advertising

It takes connectivity to a whole new level. From wearable tech to AR and VR, the impact on how we tell stories and interact with technology is set to be huge.

The Drum

GfK Consumer Journey

GfK South Africa has launched its Consumer Journey solution, which combines social media listening, survey data and client point of sale (POS) data.


Online sales in physical and digital goods to surpass $6tn by 2024

The total transaction value of remote payments for digital and physical goods will exceed $6 trillion by 2024, representing a growth of 53%.


Mobile remains a disruptive force for marketers

Mobile is increasingly seen by marketers in APAC and EMEA to be an effective marketing channel, as it continues to be a disruptive force across industries.