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Instagram sets its sights on IGTV growth

Instagram is bolstering its IGTV platform in 2020 by increasing funding for long-form video, working with producers to create more shows.

The Wall Street Journal

BusinessTech – The biggest business website in South Africa

BusinessTech is the biggest business news website in South Africa, with more than 3 million readers and nearly 10 million page views.


BBC News and Soweto TV sign content deal

Soweto TV viewers will now be able to access a variety of BBC Africa programming after the community television station and BBC News signed a deal for the broadcast of four top shows.

The Media Online

Video streaming is on the verge of changing our lives

According to Nielsen, more than half of 18 to 49 year olds are either light viewers or don’t subscribe to television.

The Media Online

HaveYouHeard appoints new MD

HaveYouHeard has announced that it has appointed its head of integrated execution, Victoria Gabler, as managing director.

Media Update