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How shoppable video will change the way we buy things

Shoppable video—which allows a consumer to take action, including making a purchase, in response to a TV ad—is picking up speed.


TV ad spend to slide under $65bn, GroupM says

For the first time since 2015, GroupM says television ad spend will total less than $65bn by year’s end. The dip to $64.3bn in TV spend for 2019 is a symptom of larger trends.

The Drum

Augmented reality dominated by social media

After several years of gradual growth, augmented reality is starting to see more widespread usage, even if not totally perceived as AR by consumers.


The world’s most popular websites

Ever wondered which websites are the most visited in the world? You probably wouldn't need to consult Google to know that the search engine is on the number one spot.


2019 marks an inflection point in media consumption

Averaging almost 8 hours a day, people around the world spend more time consuming media than ever before.