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Report: Ad budgets could drop due to coronavirus

The Myers Report is projecting media buyers and marketers could reduce ad spend by as much as $3 billion this year due to a decline in consumer confidence stemming from coronavirus.


City of Johannesburg to work with industry to curb illegal outdoor advertising

The Joburg Property Company SOC Ltd (JPC) has expressed concerns with the heightened level of illegality taking place in the outdoor advertising space.


As FNB is hit by a big increase in bad debts, FirstRand warns that the SA slowdown will get worse

The country's largest banking group by market capitalisation says it has experienced "a material slowdown" in its South African operations since the beginning of 2020.


Tesla’s Road to 1 000 000

While going from zero to one million cars in little more than a decade is certainly an impressive achievement, Tesla is still far off traditional automakers in terms of its output.


WARC Media 100 announced

Monty, an AI predictive commentator developed for Foxtel by Mindshare Sydney, is the most celebrated campaign for media excellence of 2019, according to the WARC Media 100.