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Maersk launches FMCG supply chain solutions for Africa

Global logistics company Maersk has launched its FMCG supply chain solutions for Africa, beginning in Nigeria and West Africa.

Retailing Africa

Local medicine price comparison app debuts

MediPrice brings medication information and pharmacy locations to consumers’ hands at the touch of an app.


Opera to open SA data centre this year

With 6.93% market share in Africa, Opera is the third most popular browser on the continent. The company says it has a growing user base with 120 million users based in Africa.


Black Monday amongst the worst 21st century crashes

As our chart shows, Black Monday losses were worse than anything seen at the peak of the financial crisis or after 9/11 illustrating how grim the situation quickly has become.


Report: Google is chief platform driving e-commerce sales

Oribi analytics firm reported that Google drives more e-commerce traffic and sales than Facebook and Instagram as it "reaches consumers who are more intent on making a purchase.

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