Media Owners

The ongoing challenges of media owners.

We understand that the partnership between media owners and media agencies is critical in delivering real value to advertisers. An explosion of new media channels, opportunities and industry information has however created a unique situation that has made communication and collaboration amongst media professionals more challenging than ever.

we can help!
How MediaLoop can help
MediaLoop was specifically created to improve communication within the media industry in South Africa. How? By providing media owners with constant access to media agency professionals all day, every day, all in one place. This is achieved through the network of HD digital screens that are strategically situated within media agency work areas.
The Media Owner opportunity
Media Owners can secure a dynamic 30-second advertising slot that will repeat itself 40 times a day.
Ultimately MediaLoop offers Media Owners
Immediate access to media professionals across SA’s most influential media agencies.

Access to media agency professionals for 20 minutes, every day, of every week, of every month.

The ability to control the flow of your business' information into each media agency in SA.

The ability to proactively manage media agency professionals’ understanding and perception of your business and products.

A platform that will ultimately assist your sales team to have more efficient and productive face-to-face interactions with media agency professionals.
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